Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This Is Your Conscience.

For most of you reading this blog is really a form of procrastination, and in some few cases its a desire to check up on the author and see where I's at. (between the a and the t, of course!)

But what you need to do now, before anything else happens, is go HERE:

And vote for We Are Scientists. They are now #3, and this is progress. But people, it ain't no number one- and that is where they belong. I know, you've probably done it a million times before. Big deal. Go do it again, I just heard your conscience say. Then read on blog-reader-guilt free.



melissa o said...

I just voted 3 times..

I I will go vote three times in an hour.

I am convinced that if I vote more than 3 times in a hour then they will KNOW and it will start taking votes awayyyyy.