Friday, December 12, 2003

Hey Fantastic!

Well ladies and gents, we're down to just 5 days to launch of Claire's flight home to Ogden... I wonder if those 5 days can go fast enough! Probably not! Things are creeping by, and because I really don't have homework to keep my schedual packed I am having an interesting time occupying myself! But... studying is coming along nicely and hopefully the studying I have done and will continue to do will pay off on the finals I have yet to take! With one put successfully behind me with good results I feel fairly confident about these upcoming tests..we'll see.

And for the record, here are some reasons why I love New York:

There's always room on thr train for one more
Oh Taunenbaum, Oh taunenbaum, how lovely are your 30,000 lights!
Where else can you see any Broadway show you desire THAT night?
The Green Line!
BN on every corner, next to BR!
People using umbrellas in the snow!
THe Journey
Harold Square
Times Square
Theatre number 24 in the AMC on 42nd street
Celebrity Sightings
The M102 along 3rd ave
Central Park
Access to any clothing store my heart can desire!
The bag-pipe guy in the Union Square subway station

There are so many more, but there's a start, that's for the lady who " couldn't imagine living here, even if you paid me!" Well lady, we don't WANT you here! GO back to Texas!

And on that note, I'm off to study and silver spurr.!

Monday, December 08, 2003


Good luck to all the kids taking finals! Study hard, stick to it, Christmas is coming!

Thursday, December 04, 2003


I am so low energy right now. And the real question is: Do I have MONO? Staci AND Kenzi have it- should i be tested? The fact that am constantly tired and I think my glands are stolen makes me think that I do have it- but the prospect of getting blood drawn makes me feel ill - perhaps worse than any fate mono could bring. BUt then again- it it gets in my liver i could die (I know, that is so dramatic, but its on of those things....). So yes. Who knows. I think I'll wait until I get home and see what happens. Don't drink after me or kiss me- too late love!

On a lighter note- only one more day of classes- Monday and Tuesday and then I have a WEEK before three finals, and home!

I'm off to do some homework and make my Christmas list! Any requests? E-mail me! :)