Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well I’m home!

It has been a really great to get home. The only weird thing (who are we kidding, there is much more than just one weird thing) is that it feels like I never left. That whole 4 month adventure flew by, and now that it’s gone, I keep wondering if it all actually happened! I mean, of course it did, but you know what I mean. It’s great and super weird to be home.

We survived the great wedding of Ashely and Thaddeus Wendt which was great, and the happy couple should be back from their honeymoon tomorrow! Lisa and Kyle are next, then Mel and Matt- should be a fun summer!

I’m still looking for a job- have an unpaid internship starting next week, trying to find a paying job- you know, the usual. Hopeing that I can find something paying soon- going out later to get going on applying. I had a one interview, but haven’t heard back from them, so that’s a no- I just have no experience! It’s ok though- I’ll find something.

Overall things are good here. The weather has warmed up after the random 4 inches of snow last week, and it’s not too hot quite yet. Im loving sleeping with my window mopen, sleeping ina bed without sheets that smell like venegar, and I’m loving spending tgime with my friends!
More soon!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Parto L'Italia domani, sono triste, ma felice- sono un po' confusato, come mi sento?

So I leave tomorrow morning. I have had SUCH a great week, and more than that, a great semester! I have made so many great friends here, had so many amazing and unforgettable experiences! I can't believe I'm staring my flight home in the face. What next?
I go home, I have LOTS of air time to look forward to- and in a way I am. I think a good buffer between Italy and Utah is in a way necessary. I need time to marinate- to let my mind release Italy and embrace the US. I know that sounds cheesy, but I really think that it's going to be hard to leave and know that I'm really GONE, not just taking a weekend trip to Paris or London. Wow, what a life, right?
Finals all went well it think, we'll see what happens when I get the grades back. But they are over with, and I'm looking forward to a nice 4 month break from school. I'll certainly miss my 10 roomates here at Via Cavour 42- more than I expected, I think.
Before I get too sappy I think I'll end it. Hopefully I won't drop off the blog planet when I get home to Utah, so ideally you'll hear from me soon!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Two Down.

Well, today I had my second of four finals. Utopian Literature was this afternoon- not too bad, I must say. I don’t have a strong feeling of how it went except that the first essay was miles better than the second one, and so we’ll see how it went come grade time! Museology was last wednesday, and I should get that back tomorrow- here’s hopin’ it went well!

Tomorrow I hand in my big paper for Museology and also give my presentation with my other group members in class- shouldn’t be too bad, but I’m eager to have that over with! I am excited to have only Italian left to worry about- oral on Thursday and written on Friday. After that I get headed home- I just can’t wrap my mind around that!

I was telling Staci, and then my parents- I am going to have a great summer! I mean, that is obvious, but I have NO school to worry about, no GPA to freak out about, no transferring into another school at NYU now that GSP is over, no changing schools- that’s right, I’m really excited to get back to NYU in the fall! And I have some direction when it comes to school goals- hopefully the concentration is soon to follow, and no study abroad applications to freak about! What AM I going to do with myself?

I think I’ll figure it out- don’t you?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Less Than a Week!

WOW! I can’t believe that it is less than a week until I go home! That’s crazy! It has been a very relaxed weekend so far. I have sat in the sun, sat on the terrace, and... sat in my room! I have gotten about 3.5 pages of my paper written for Wednesday- it’s coming along slowly and hopefully get done sometime tomorrow. We’ll see!

Friday we had school as a makeup day from having Liberation Day off last monday- so we had a super great time with the last quiz in italian, and then went ahead and did the whole unproductive thing that night. Saturday I slept in and did some good ol’ fashioned shopping at the San Lorenzo and finished up the souveniry stuff that I needed to get. Did the Mercato Centrale for the last time- I’m gonna miss the isles and isles of fruit and nuts and yummy veggies! That night we had some fun-laughs-good-times at the Florence vs. Milan soccer game! It was CRAZY! We had nosebleed seats but it was AWESOME! Fans in the US have NOTHING on Italian football fans! The Milan fans were seated in two sections that were FENCED off from the Florence fans with Plexiglas and fencing- and they weren’t let out of it until almost all of the Florence fans were gone! There were pyrotechnics and even a blowup male genitalia- really incredible!

Today I have been even MORE lazy- I sat out on the terrace for a total of about five hours- chatting it up with the girlies of the apartment- it was really fun to just hang out. The weather has been so very hot, it is feeling better today- the terrace was in the shade and it was really wonderful to sit and shoot the breeze! Tonight we’re off to one of our favorite restaurants Acqua al Due to enjoy a last meal there and to break the Passover for Staci in style!
Off to get some work done! I know this was a weak entry, but hey- it's something, right?
OH! And Happy May Day to all!