Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Times are a Changin'

Yep. It's official. I'm growing up. HOW WEIRD!

I'm working about 30 hours a week at my internship at the OECC (paid internship... yep, I'm bragging. Only cause I know this is the only time in my life I'll ever have a paid intership, mind you, so I've got to appreciate!). Bible study and church have been awesome.

I have survived 2/3 of the wedding, and joyfully, might I add! Ash's went well, as you know, and then just 2 weeks ago Lisa got hitched and it waws beautiful. ROmantic. Sweet. Wonderful. I hope that my wedding is that beautiful, though that day is a ways off, don't fear.

I'm working in the Sales department (most of the time) at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center... that has been really great. I'm getting introduced to lots of different aspects of the center as well... I'm serving at banquets, working in accounting, etc. It's really a great one and the people are so wonderful!

Friends seem to all be doing well, which is great. Things are changing in some of the relationships, which happens.

Family is doing well too. Ian is in the UK on tour with We Are Scientists and they are doing very well. Elizabeth is doign well in the NYC, holding down the fort there. Gav and Kelley are doing well in DC, keeping the nation's capital sewn down.

This is a super boring update, I realize. I'm gonna try to be more frequent, but as you know, I make no promises!

I'll be BACK!

Call me Marilyn.

The other day I was delivering an armload of tourism over-the-shoulder-baggy-thingers to the Ogden Convention visitor's bureau. And I, may I say, was looking pretty cute; sporting my pleated sea green skirt, white shirt, and euro-trash sunglasses straight from the IT, I was working it friends.

Unfortunately for me and my wardrobe it was a windy day. And my hands were full. And I was wearing a skirt. And so you can see where this is going....

I hopped gleefully out of my car. Scooped up the bags. Trotting along, I dropped one bag. Precariously hunching to reach the abandoned bribe-tool, I felt my skirt swish against my calf as I bent to the parking lot floor. Ok, fine.

So I retrieved the missing link, and then continued on my merry way, dodging potholes in the Union Station parking lot all the while. I passed several cars facing the entrance, and oddly, there where people sitting there... fine again. People can sit in their cars all they want on a windy day, that's fine.

I hop up on the kirb and just as I am about to reach for the door I feel something brush the back of my head. A bird? No. A plane? No! A leaf? I wish. My skirt? Yes. Sadly, and yet hilariously, the back of my skirt had been coaxed up to reach my head by the devilish little gust of wind. And that's why they call me Marylin now. Or at least I imagine those people in the car saw the resemblence. Interesting.

But of course, you know me. Rather than freak out, or sacrifice my mission to pull down my skirt, I just laughed and continued on. I blew in the door and the woman at the desk chuckled a bit at my doscombobulated state. I slipped up stairs, and dropped the package. As I was leaving I turned to wave to the director of sales, and to my slight dismay (though what can I do about it now?) I realized that he most likely had a front row seat to the cheeks-to-the-win display I starred in just moments previous.

Ahh. I love a good humiliating moment!