Monday, March 01, 2004

Shootings on 13th Street.

It's been a nice day. An odd one, but good. I talked to my G-ril... yeah Mel, that's you! I hope you get some occupational things figured out... you're quite a catch, I'm excited to see you gets you!
The weather has been nice today- I wore a thin long-sleeved t-shirt to class today, and a jacket, but ended up taking off the jacket- SO nice! It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow... Big bummer... But I feel like we have to endure the weather of spring in order to really enjoy the sunshine.. better than cold.
Shootings..... You wonder why that's my title, right? Well, it's fairly self-explanatory. Yesterday Staci and I were talking back from Cosi after picking up some lunch and we noticed that there is RED caution tape blocking off a section of sidewalk that passes in front of the apartment building next to our dorm. There were 3 cop cars, about 6 cops, and heads peeping out windows from the rooms in the building with worried expressions. It was only this morning that we discovered that there was a shooting and one man has been critically injured and is in the hospital! AH! That's MY street- the one I walk on To and Fro school EVERY day! Welcome to New York.
Things here are good though, and I'm not living in fear or anything... I'm living in anticipation for the Disney Trip of 2004 coming to a car near me in just a week and a half! WAhoo!

I love New York- yep.