Monday, November 16, 2009

So... yeah.

SO this is really not going to give you much information other than to say I do still exist.

I am, somehow, managing my first teaching job, my toughest semester of classes, and preparing to take my comprehensive exam on December 5th that determines whether I get my degree or not. Oh, and I'm still human, having fun, periodically relaxing, and even threw my first baby shower this past weekend!

The message here is that all is well, but that I am busy and all my writing energy is going toward the 70-something pages of writing I get to generate in the next 3 weeks. Oh, and studying.

I am planning to recommit to the blogging world for 2010- I hope to blog daily during the deployment, and at least a few times a week otherwise as I work on my thesis and have (ideally, if I pass the comps) a much less stressful night.

I covet your prayers and encouragement over the next three weeks, particularly until December 5! This test is a huge deal, lots of material I don't know, and won't know. I'm feeling as prepared as I can, but who knows!

I'll check in again, most likely post-test and finals.