Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dirty Dish.

The Dirty Dish Magazine is a magazine brought to you by the women of Vintage Church in North Carolina.

My good friend Beth (woo!) is a contributer to the magazine, and they are interested in having MORE people write. They are also considering a print version of the magazine.

They have art, articles, thoughts, poems, etc.... check it out at

If you have interest in contributing let me know and I'll hook you up. They publish online quarterly and the next deadline is November 1. Even if you don't want to contribute, I'd suggest going and reading some of the stuff- it's real real good. I've been confronted by some issues, an thoroughly entertained each time I make my way there.

Also for your viewing pleasure go to Beth's Blog where you can see her request to Donald Miller to come speak at the Dirty Dish conference. You'll get a feel for who SHE is, and some of the happenings with DD.


Monday, September 25, 2006

A Tour of My Room.

Here are some super pix!

This is one of my favorite streets... so happy and cute!
My building is to the immediate left, not visible.

The lighter brick building that is past the darker one- that top corner room on the 2nd level is my room! wooo!

In the elevator.

Yes, I live on the 13th floor. Oooo.

The door to the infamous 13E.

View from the door- you can see the kitchen, the first door from the right is the bathroom, and the next door is Staci's.

This is the view from the kitchen into my room. Microwave is to the right, table to the left, Staci's room to the left and so is the bathroom.

Standing at the window, this if the view back on the bed.

My desk chair is a beast... it takes 2 hands to move in any direction- literally.

Standing in my doorway, you can see my bed, the meager wall decor (improving daily, mind you), and to the right my desk. to the immediate left is my closet.

My closet... city livin' baby!

The view from my room- that's just one direction too! Yes- you can see three different bridges!

Here are a few pictures of the kitchen:
The full picture.

The pantry...

The mini fridge!

And may I just say, I await the day I have a dishwasher!? If you have one, count your blessing! I've yet to live in an apartment with a dishwasher!

It's a great place, it grows on me every day, and I have to say that if you come visit, you will get to see the view first hand!

That is all for now!

That Guy.

Yep, This (see below) is the guy I'm going to marry.....

He is a special boy.

And he's coming to visit on Friday! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

She's the Man.

Is it wrong that I'm watching "She's the Man" and I'm really really enjoying it....?

So He Says to Me.

I'm walking along, crossing the street a block or two from my building.

This guy started to back up and almost bumps into me, apologizes, and I say "no problem."

We're walking, and he's just a foot or two ahead of me as we're crossing the street, and he says to me "what are you going to be for Halloween?"

"I'm not sure, haven't really thought about it."

"Well it's coming up, better get thinking on it."

"Yeah, guess I should. What about you (weirdo implied), what will you be?"

"I was gonna be Steve Irwin, but I found out that people actually like that guy."


"I had no idea people actually like that guy."

"Yeah, seems like they really did."

"Steve Irwin man..."

"Nice guy."

"Anyway, someone was like 'what are you gonna be for Halloween?' and I realized I've gotta get thinking. It's coming right up."


We finish crossing the street, and he speeds up ahead of me and I hear "well... see you later!"


Monday, September 18, 2006

Clairify...oh clever.


This is just a comment based on Amy's comment re: getting a doggle. I very much appreciate her input! Thanks Ames!

We have discussed, and first things first- we're getting hitched. We'll be moving around fairly frequently for the next 4 years or so, so until we settle in a place for more than a year at a time, we won't be getting a dog. I certainly feel like that's unfair to the dog, and we should have a feel for if that's an expense we can afford, let alone the time commitment of lovin' a little doogley! I'd hate to get a dog and then just be gone all the time at work etc- terrible!

To be honest, the cat comes first. Matt likes cats (if they are of the Hermann ilk- or even Gilbert and Sullivan I imagine-- this means they are cats, but don't have the pissiness of a cat in all respects-- more like a cat-dog).

Cats are more inclined to adapt, they don't need as much space, and they are better off by themselves just napping in the sun all day. So we'll hold off on the dog. And who knows.. maybe there will never be a little fatty doggo running around!

I think there is always the dream and idea of pets- I remember I wanted to get one freshman year (yeah right), but when you think about it- especially with dogs- there is SO much time, energy, money, and responsibility involved. In thinking about this, I applaud Whitney for keeping Pepito so happy and healthy while she works full time, goes to school, and has a life!

So yeah... this is a weird post, but I thought Amy's comment was important and so I wanted to make it known that we are considering the responsibility, and it'll be a kitten before a beasty!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nope, They Don't Look Good On You, Either.

Skinny Jeans.

Like I said, No... they don't look good on you.

I can tell you that most people on this planet DON'T look good in skinny jeans.

Know why?

Cause they dont look like this:

It's true. And you know why you don't like this? Because you eat food, and you don't do cocaine...

If you happen to be one of those few and proud skinny jean wearers who is female, then good on you. I think it's great. Audrey got away with them, maybe you can too. I still don't like them, but if you look great in them, I'm excited for you.

And now for you men...

You don't look good in them.

I'm not talking about the nice fitted jeans. I'm talking about the I-can-see-your-butt-crack jeans.

These jeans. But the thing is, even this picture doesn't show how truly and genuinely BAD they look. I can't say it enough. Just don't wear them. If you are expressing yourself, I'm glad for you, but please don't express yourself by way of butt-crack-cleavage and muffin-top making jeans.

I'm not saying that ya can't wear 'em. I'm just saying that in the end, wear what looks good on you, and what you find comfortable. I'm inclined to think that these jeans are not the comfiest craze ever, and let's keep in mind that they are a craze... even for the emo kids.

That is all, rant over.

Bulldog-- Pleeeeeaaaasssssseeeee!!!!

Hey fiance!

I know you don't want a dog, really, and I get it, I do. Especially with Jericho as your reference- you don't like the huge dogs, and you don't like all the hairy mess... and I love that you're willing to clone Hermann and have him be our dog/cat...


What about the ugliest of the cute... a bulldog? He won't get big, he'll satisfy your hunger for obesity (for bulldogs tend to be little beasties!) and they have short and non-sheddy hair! Eh? Eh?

And.. they can catch frisbees!!! And ride skateboards!!!

Check out these pictures, and obviously, the video (I know I've put this on here before, but it's awesome).

This all, by the way, comes to me from inspiration of seeing one of the fattest and most awesomely awesome bulldoggles ever! I saw him yesterday in the park while I was at work... adorable!!!

So cute!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Pictorial: Labor Day Family.

My dad and Gavin, Tear!

Ian and I had some good conversation.

My two very, very special brothers.

Ma, Da, and Gavin!

Gav and Kelley- purdy!

The three sibs.

Again, my special brothers.

The Cain Fam doing it up right at McSorley's- my dad's reunion with the oldest Irish pub in New York after nearly 40 years!

One more of the siblings... tear!

As you can see we had a great time- lots of smiles! We always have a great time, and it was our first reunion in over a year! We will hopefully all be together again at Christmas- and I look forward to it a ton! Hopefully more pictures to come from Kelley!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Bit of Good News.

Staci found this and shared it with me.

I thought I would repost it for all to see.

Yay for healthy non-boy-figured women!!!

To all the ladies out there-- YOU ARE FEMALE! Don't be afraid to look like it! Hips, boobs, thighs.... you sexy thang!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Little Smackerel.

Hi all,

my very sweet mother sent me the camera connector, so brace ye-selves!

Below are some super cute pictures of Gav and Kelley and the babes! Kelley is sending me some more from our birthday celebration for Ian so that will be fun, but for now you can see super sweet Dashielly Dash!

Gavin has a hard time keeping his eyes open. He's really not a pot head, he just has droppy Cain eyes!

And there you have some sweet fam pictures!


This is a little note to you, my brave friend, who took a chance and went for it!

Hollywood or no, you've still got a great voice and a passion for music and life- nothing can change that!

I love you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back To School.

Hello one and all!

Yes, yes, school has begun again. I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays so my first classes were yesterday. I had all of them except my small group writing course which is pretty straight foward- I need some brilliant writing ideas in the next day or so so I can write a short story or essay- if you have ideas about a good essay I could write, shout 'em out in the comments!

My Shakespeare class is taught by this super cool 70-something lady who is like a world renouned authority and is just SUPER awesome. I already like that class.

My Narrative Investigations class should be pretty intense. We're back to Plato, with whom I'm well aquainted, and then we're moving on to Cervantes which I'm excited for because I haven't ever read ol' Don Q.

My Gaelic class... yipes. It's the first non-romance language I've learned besides Latin and German, and obviously Latin is the root of the Romance languages, and German has some close ties to english...

Gaelic is NOTHING like these languages. There is nothing intuitive about it.

Let me give you a little example:

Ce'n chaoi a bhfuil tu'? ---- This is the Gaelic, the apostrophes I've inserted are actually accents over the vowel.

Kay hchoi whil too? --- This is my Phonetic spelling of the sentence above- yep, that B word actuall sounds like WILL.

How are you? ---this is the meaning.

As you might note, the only thing you'd really gain from that is that it's to YOU because tu is usually you in other langs. CRAZY.

It's going to be challenging, and of course I'm super nerdily excited for it! I can't wait to get some more vocabulary and hopefully pick it up a bit more so it's not quite so brain-twisting! I'm in that class with my friend Megan who is fluent in Japanese and knows a solid amount of Chinese and Korean, and then also french, and she's in a similar boat. It's good to have someone who loves languages but has no idea what they're doing in the class (and Megan, if I've misrepresented your knowledge/understanding of Gaelic, I apologize!). I'm sure it'll get better....

So yeah, just wanted to give y'all the update on school.

Navigators had the first meeting of the year last night and it looks like it's going to be a great group. Unfortunately they've scheduled the fall road trip when Matthew is here so I won't be joining them on that- I'm sure I'll keep busy though. :)

Otherwise, things are going great! Staci and I have eaten 3 meals together thus far- we have had shrimp, chicken, AND steak... we've only got to master fish and WATCHOUT! We're trying to cook here more and not go our or eat crappiness too often, so tis' good. We're leaving the eatin' out to weekends mostly which has bee successful thus far.

These are mundane things I suppose, so I'll be done for now. Still no camera hook up, but my sweet mommy put 'er in the mail so it should be on the way!

More riveting tales comin' atcha soon!

PS- thanks to Ryan and Whitney for posting/offering recipes!!

Monday, September 04, 2006


I left my camera connectory thinger at home, so for now you'll get no pictures from me!

For now though, I'll give you this picture I just took- me in my room with the sun coming in to my left- and give you a list of thoughts just like Mel did!

1- I really really like my new apartment.

2-Though I miss the Union Square skyline with the ol' ESB in the distance, but I do love seeing the bridges!

3-The Stanton Social is my new favorite restaurant in New York City! Bar none!

4- My hair is always more curly here in NY.

5- I am psyched for Gaelic!

6- I need to workout this semester- starting tomorrow. Go ahead, ask me about it!

7- Staci and I have both pledged to cook more... we'll see! If you have any great, easy recipes, leave them in the comments!

8- You have approximately 9 months to come to New York before I move away and you've lost the best excuse you've ever had, not to mention the coolest tour guide! And don't forget I'm gone for at least a month of that time for Winter Break! Make your reservations now- as long as I'm here, you're welcome!

9- I thought being engaged here would be weird. It is a bit strange, but more than anything I think it just intensifies my excitement to graduate!

10- I have a new internship possibility-- we'll see. I am and will be totally content without one which tells you that God still works miracles in the heart.

11- Living in the East Village is going to be super neato.

12- I'm going to stop now, but my last thought is this: not having a routine makes things stretch out and seem interminable... I'm looking forward to having some idea of what life will be like day to day once I have a schedule!

I'll try to keep ya'll posted. For a while it's going to be sans pictures like in the old fashioned days... I'm sure we'll all make it through this technological drought!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Made it!

Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know I made it to the big city yet again! I am pretty much all moved in to my new place, and despite the mini fridge and mini oven (yep), it's a pretty sweet place. I have an incredible view from my 13th floor apartment- Brooklyn Bridge and all! I have my own room, and my dearest Staci is moved in to the other room!

We have a "kitchenette" which, in this case, means that we have mini appliances (but we DO have them) and no drawers- nope, not even for silverware. So... today my mission is to A- go get my Ambassador job training done and B- find a neato shelfy-thingy that will hold silverware and other kitchen items. This place gives new meaning to "city living"- This place teaches you how to consolidate!

Anyway, there's the temporary and pictureless update... more to come! Gavin and Kelley get in tonight, and TODAY is Ian's 29th Birthday! HAPPY BIRFDEE Big BROTHER! For you, I will get you all the Sherbet Colored Bolo Ties in the world!