Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bulldog-- Pleeeeeaaaasssssseeeee!!!!

Hey fiance!

I know you don't want a dog, really, and I get it, I do. Especially with Jericho as your reference- you don't like the huge dogs, and you don't like all the hairy mess... and I love that you're willing to clone Hermann and have him be our dog/cat...


What about the ugliest of the cute... a bulldog? He won't get big, he'll satisfy your hunger for obesity (for bulldogs tend to be little beasties!) and they have short and non-sheddy hair! Eh? Eh?

And.. they can catch frisbees!!! And ride skateboards!!!

Check out these pictures, and obviously, the video (I know I've put this on here before, but it's awesome).

This all, by the way, comes to me from inspiration of seeing one of the fattest and most awesomely awesome bulldoggles ever! I saw him yesterday in the park while I was at work... adorable!!!

So cute!!!


Matthew said...

you going to pick up all the poop?

melissa o said...

That puppers is so cute - the full grown one is...well...the ugly of the doggers. :) (But not the ugliest!)

Matthew - I am afraid you may have to relinquish a yes on this one. Claire is a doggers/doggles lover. And you are marrying her. And I am sure that you would rather have a doggers than a baby. HAH! Only kidding!

Kimber said...

Aw man, these pictures make me want a pupsters so bad! Too bad we don't have a yard at my place, otherwise I would be all over adopting one.

AMY said...

just a tip from a friend who was in this engaged situation with similar dog predicament. pete and i wanted a dog, he already had one but she was so crazy for me so we acquired dozer, my dream basset hound! i was so happy, he was so cute, and we loved his puppy ears. sadly, life happened. we married and started our jobs, house, dinners, time was taken over. our poor puppies were happy together but without us. then we had to move and our yard is too small.

all this to say, where is your love going to be spent? on your puppy or your hubby? i know you may be different, but less busy???

now dozer is in a happier place with a six year old girl and a golden retriever. he eats pedrigree dog food and had a manicure twice a month.

sorry for the long post, but think through the doggy long term. p.s. i think bulldogs are the cutest dogs (almost as much as bassets)