Monday, September 18, 2006

Clairify...oh clever.


This is just a comment based on Amy's comment re: getting a doggle. I very much appreciate her input! Thanks Ames!

We have discussed, and first things first- we're getting hitched. We'll be moving around fairly frequently for the next 4 years or so, so until we settle in a place for more than a year at a time, we won't be getting a dog. I certainly feel like that's unfair to the dog, and we should have a feel for if that's an expense we can afford, let alone the time commitment of lovin' a little doogley! I'd hate to get a dog and then just be gone all the time at work etc- terrible!

To be honest, the cat comes first. Matt likes cats (if they are of the Hermann ilk- or even Gilbert and Sullivan I imagine-- this means they are cats, but don't have the pissiness of a cat in all respects-- more like a cat-dog).

Cats are more inclined to adapt, they don't need as much space, and they are better off by themselves just napping in the sun all day. So we'll hold off on the dog. And who knows.. maybe there will never be a little fatty doggo running around!

I think there is always the dream and idea of pets- I remember I wanted to get one freshman year (yeah right), but when you think about it- especially with dogs- there is SO much time, energy, money, and responsibility involved. In thinking about this, I applaud Whitney for keeping Pepito so happy and healthy while she works full time, goes to school, and has a life!

So yeah... this is a weird post, but I thought Amy's comment was important and so I wanted to make it known that we are considering the responsibility, and it'll be a kitten before a beasty!


Ashley said...

I am with Matt who is in charge of the poop pickup, lol. I think you are making a smart decision for yourself and a possible future dog. I hate when people have these dogs and then they sit in a kennel in their house all day, Then they cry animal cruelty on other issues. Maybe they need to look at the animal cruelty of keeping them locked up all day.

Anonymous said...

Pepito is a happy pup! And he gets lots o' love when Momma comes home! He's curled up in front of the space heater watching Deal or No Deal as I'm typing this.

AMY said...

good job on the clarify. i thought you were smarter than that, now i know. kitties are easier, but dogs are fun (someday).