Monday, September 11, 2006

Pictorial: Labor Day Family.

My dad and Gavin, Tear!

Ian and I had some good conversation.

My two very, very special brothers.

Ma, Da, and Gavin!

Gav and Kelley- purdy!

The three sibs.

Again, my special brothers.

The Cain Fam doing it up right at McSorley's- my dad's reunion with the oldest Irish pub in New York after nearly 40 years!

One more of the siblings... tear!

As you can see we had a great time- lots of smiles! We always have a great time, and it was our first reunion in over a year! We will hopefully all be together again at Christmas- and I look forward to it a ton! Hopefully more pictures to come from Kelley!


sarah said...

yeah for pictures! i finally saw what your brothers looked like!

Matthew said...

Good update! From the picture it looks like the Cain family knows how to put down some beer.

Mel said...

Oh geez. I miss my second familia. And DUDE, your sister-in-law is looking hot! She puts all other married women to shame! :)

jules said...

i must say... you have a very attrative family. good times in the NYC!