Wednesday, August 30, 2006

30 Days.

I will see you in 30 days.

Until then, I'll be missing you like crazy.



Hi Everyone!

Just thought you should know that if you're cool, you'll be in Ogden, Utah on August 11th, 2007 for the wedding of Matthew and Claire! More info to come!

ALso.... yes, Joanna and Mike got married THIS year on August 11th.... we don't mean to steal their date, we gotsta do what the Army tells us! So... hopefully that will make the day all the more marrier! :)


Friday, August 25, 2006

Engagement Story!

Well almost a month later, I am finally sitting down to write my engagement story! Matthew has already written and written about it, but please don’t mistake the fact that I haven’t written for the fact that I’m not totally freaking psyched! I’ve finished up work and the big event of the summer, I’ve been to Tennessee for a wedding, I’ve been interviewing for internships, hanging out with my fiancĂ©e, and getting’ going on wedding business!

But enough of the lead in… here’s the story from my angle!

On a starry Thursday night in July (the 27th to be exact) my boyfriend Matthew and I finished up dinner at my parents’ house. He took forever to finish the things on his plate, but he’s a man, so you can’t blame him for wanting to fill ‘er up! After dinner we proceeded to Blockbuster to get a movie. Like most couples, it takes us forever to pick a movie, so we ended up there for quite a few minutes. It’s always a process, but this night it took unusually long—but of course I thought it was just indecision.

After Blockbuster we had to stop by Hollywood video and drop off a movie, and then Matt spotted Smith’s, a local grocery store for those out-of-towners reading. “I just need to go grab some milk and bread, I’m on empty at the apartment.” I thought this was strange because he was planning to move in a day or so to a new place, and we were going to be eating out with different groups of people in the next few days, but no real mysteries popped up in my head.

After Smith’s we went to Baskin-Robbins’ to get some ice cream, and then he suggested we go to Mt. Ogden Park (my favorite park in the world!) to look at the stars and talk. We sat in front of a little river and talked about our relationship and looked at the stars and laughed at each other. Some weirdos wandered over, so Matt suggested we take a walk through the park. “Sure,” I said. Still suspecting nothing!

We wandered through the trees and talked, and suddenly came upon a couch nestled in between two trees facing the golf course and the glowing mountains. “Is that a couch?” He said sheepishly, “Yep, looks like it!” I said. We sat down on the couch, and as my mind sifted through the many events that took place on that couch (the first “I love you,” the declaration of being boyfriend and girlfriend, and so on), my heart beat so loudly that I’m sure you could hear it from Harrison Blvd. There was a 5 second pause (that felt like 10 minutes) where we sat in silence and then Matthew turned to me, held my hand, and got on his knees “well, Claire…” and then he launched into a really wonderful explanation to proceed the actual proposal to be his wife… and unsurprisingly, I said yes!

After that, we glowed in the dark- we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, and by the end of the night my cheeks were aching from smiling. So fantastic. So wonderful. Yes… I’m going to be Mrs. Matthew Teter!

Here are a few pictures from the night!


Our champagne celebration of our engagement with the parents!

And there you have it for now! Hopefully I'll post again soon!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Yes, It's TRUE!

Yes, it's true!


And I know that I owe you all some major explaning, pictures, stories, and details! They are to come soon! I had to kind of wait til I got the word out before I could post for all the world to see, hence the teaser on Monday. But more to come, and pictures for sure, and all that jazz!