Monday, September 25, 2006

A Tour of My Room.

Here are some super pix!

This is one of my favorite streets... so happy and cute!
My building is to the immediate left, not visible.

The lighter brick building that is past the darker one- that top corner room on the 2nd level is my room! wooo!

In the elevator.

Yes, I live on the 13th floor. Oooo.

The door to the infamous 13E.

View from the door- you can see the kitchen, the first door from the right is the bathroom, and the next door is Staci's.

This is the view from the kitchen into my room. Microwave is to the right, table to the left, Staci's room to the left and so is the bathroom.

Standing at the window, this if the view back on the bed.

My desk chair is a beast... it takes 2 hands to move in any direction- literally.

Standing in my doorway, you can see my bed, the meager wall decor (improving daily, mind you), and to the right my desk. to the immediate left is my closet.

My closet... city livin' baby!

The view from my room- that's just one direction too! Yes- you can see three different bridges!

Here are a few pictures of the kitchen:
The full picture.

The pantry...

The mini fridge!

And may I just say, I await the day I have a dishwasher!? If you have one, count your blessing! I've yet to live in an apartment with a dishwasher!

It's a great place, it grows on me every day, and I have to say that if you come visit, you will get to see the view first hand!

That is all for now!


Sarah said...

that view is amazing! i want to go to NYC! if i go i'll buy one of those t-shirts that says I love NYC, except the "love" is a heart! oh yeah...

Matthew said...

So do I get to sleep in the bath tub while I am there? Or how bout the spot under the table in the kitchen. I cant wait to see you again and see your new apartment. love you

Jan said...

Crazy Cute. How close are you to NYU?

Claire said...

ciao baby- I'm close! Only a 10 minute walk to class! Who are you dearest ciao baby?

jules said...

i love your place! im so excited to come buy a tee shirt and sleep in your tub!