Wednesday, November 02, 2005

La Petite Coquette.

La Petite Coquette is a high priced lingerie store on University between eight and ninth. It's a cool little shop because it has all sorts of pretty stuff in the widows- the displays are consistently really nice. I have always enjoyed checking out their stuff from the sidewalk as I travel to and fro school- I guess that might be creepy if I was some old man but since I have a more... (vested? no... wrong word)... well a different kind of interest in the stuff they offer, I suppose it isn't as creepy as it could be.

What boggles me is how this place stays in business. I NEVER see people there. I don't see people going in, coming out, or anything. Never. And if I do it's a woman who works there putting a corsette on a mannequin or something. It's so odd. Plus, they must have to sell a few thousand dollars of lingerie a month to keep their rent. I mean, it is famous- I hear J. Lo shops there, so what do you need normal customers for when you have fancies who will come in and drop a Joe's downpayment on some thongs and a silk robe? Still... it is one of those amazing things to this college girl.

My favorite part, though, is when they change their displays. The current one is really nice- cause they have real clothes mixed in too. It's just all so pretty! I feel really girly saying that... but I think that's probably ok since I am a girl, as it turns out! Anyway- today when I walked back from school everything was the same except ONE item... I like that they change things up, because it's always a fun little odd surprise when I notice the change.

Ok, now you all think I'm a weirdo. Whatever. You'd like it too if it was the only color on a block of bagel shops and laundromats on your way to work.


melissa o said...

You are so funny...

Not creepy at all. (Really) Girls are supposed to enjoy lingerie, as are men (ONLY ON THEIR WIVES - of course)

I miss you. ALOT.