Wednesday, November 02, 2005

She Made Me Look In The Mirror.

Well of course on a day that I really want to avoid all reflective objects I am forced to watch myself in the mirror for voice lessons. Not that this is irony or even coincidence. I think it's God saying "grow up, be a big girl, I made you and love you and you just have to deal with it!"

So I have actually had a great day. And not that I was dreading it or anything, but from the start I could just tell that I was feeling more serious than necessary. Had I been home I probably would have put on Jewel and and written in my journal... gag. It's good that I was out.

On my way to school I got attacked by the Brown Bear, aka Dan- pretty much side swiped me and I fell on him- thank goodness that was purposeful! I definitely grabbed on to him in order not to hit the concrete- pretty hilarious. That was the first clever move of the day- but it really reminded me to lighten up.

Well I think that's it. It was a great day, and I haven't even been to Navigators yet!