Monday, November 14, 2005

"Bye Bye"

I know a guy who always ALWAYS ALWAYS says "Bye Bye" to end his phone conversations. He even says it at the end of his IM's. It's pretty funny.

How do you end your conversations on the phone? I mean, I get that it's normal to say goodbye, but without fail, I tell you honestly, this guy says it with the same emphasis, the same tone, no matter what we've been saying, talking about, feeling. It's just... it's pretty hilarious.

And I just had to share it.

So now I want to know- how do you say goodbye on the phone?


melissa o said...

Depending on who it is - it normally comes with an "I LOOOVE you."

And then a Byeee.

I don't know. It's hard to describe.

Kimber said...

How do I say goodbye?
Normally, I think I say something like "We'll see ya,bye," or "Talk to ya later,k bye".