Friday, November 18, 2005

One Thing To Know About Me.

I hate the phone.

Not when I'm talking to friends, but when I have to call a phone company, or Delta, or any given company that is going to make me talk to a machine, prevent me from talking to a real person, only allow me to talk to a person with a thick Indian accent when I DO get to talk to someone, put me on hold for EVER when I'm on the phone with that someone I can't fully understand, and then have all that effort result in... NOTHING.

If I were rich that is something I would hire people to do- make all my dirty 1-800 calls for me. ARggh.

But its over now. And the problem isn't solved, but whatever. Deep breath. Ahh...

It's a gorgeous sunny day, and I might get to see WAS play tonight ! Woohoo!


melissa o said...

You can hire me...