Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quick Poll.

Ok. Here's a quick poll!

A: What is your favorite food? I know this is a tough one to answer, but just try. Give me nationality (mexican, chinese, american, etc) and then give me specifics (burger, sweet and sour chicken, chimichanga, etc).


B: What does your family eat at Christmas? Do you have Thanksgiving food all over? Ham? Beef? Pork? Lamb? Common, just tell me!


Anonymous said...

Well ofr this guy it goes, American-Cheeseburger
Chinese- Sweet and sour Chicken
Mexican- Chimichanga. You know how to cut straight to the core of me.

melissa o said...

A. Chinese - Shrimp Fried Rice
American - Cheesburger (plain with cheese - like that Matthew guy)
Mexican - Shredded Beef Burrito or Quesadilla
Italian - Ravolis

B. We always had Ham for X-mas (Turkey for Thanskgiving) and then all of the same Turkey-day goodness. Mashed potatoes, Brocolli Rice Casserole, Potato Rolls... YUM. I am so hungry.

Kimber said...

A.Yum Yum.
Chinese- yay Mel! Also Shrimp Fried Rice
American-chicken fingers with honey mustard auce

B. I don't remember how long we have been doing this, but we have had prime rib for some time now, with mashed potatoes, of course, deviled eggs, sparking cider, and chocolate cream pie.

jules said...

well i have a really tough time choosing favorite foods.
for Hawaiian i would choose pineapple.
for Mexican i would choose the cheese quesadilla from Taco Bell or mole burritos ( ill have to make them for you sometime).
for Chinese it is most things on the menu at PF Changs.
for more american i like barbeque chicken pizza.
and as you can see i like lots of food so i will stop now.

my family has ham at Christmas but i dont eat it. then everything else is similar to Thanksgiving. my mom does make us eat black-eyed peas on New Years day though... they're sick but its a southern tradition for good luck.

Anonymous said...

A. anything fried, anything chocolate, mexican, cheese, soft chocolate chip cookies
B. on Christmas I eat Chinese food. Wonton baby!


Ashley said...

Chinese-sweet and sour chicken without the sauce from good ole Maple gardens.
American-anythign meat, steack, yummy homemade steak fingers, mac and cheese.
Italian-spaghetti with brown butter and mizithra cheese from the spaghetti factory.
Mexican-chesse burrito enchilada style from El Matador-
you really start missing restaurants and specific food when you cant have them

Christams-appetizers galore on Christmas Eve and day and usually a ham on Christmas Day.