Monday, November 14, 2005

Penn State-tastic!

Well! The five hour ride there was, in a word, fantstic. We got going late which was a bummer, but we got to listen to an original recording of C. S. Lewis reading his original manuscript of his book The Four Loves and that was incredible- I loved hearing his voice! We discussed after each of the first three sections- didn't make it through the last section. That makes it sound like the CD was 5 hours long, but it wasn't. ANYWAY.....

This is Josh at our second rest stop- who knows what he's doing, but he is expressing his love for the contents of our car I think, or something. Good times.

On the road.
Gettin' later!We got to the town (the most immediate two pictures above) called State College. Chilli's was our first stop- dinner! Below are Josh and I doing model pictures- we're so cool! Our friend Renate used to be a model and she always turns her head to the side and has a very serious look on, so that's what you see us doing.

And below is the food that we enjoyed- Mushroom Jack Fajitas- YUM!

So here are a few pictures of the happenings in the car- one of our cars was MIA, so we crammed about 10 people in a six person mini-van. So here you go, though you really get no idea how stuffed we were cause half of the people are stuffed onthe ground.

And so now we get to BOWLING- YES!
These are me in all of my set-up form brilliance!

It was Intense!

This is Joanna- she's got the moves!

Bowling feet! You know mine are the striped ones!

The next day we got to talk about what it means to be a woman- a WHOAman! After that we walked to the town to have lunch with the boys, and on the way we took this pictures- these are all the "upper classmen" in Navs!

These next few shots are from the scavenger we did around the Penn state campus. This was so fun- and that first picture in the last Blog is of my group in our leaf pile! And yes, you are seeing a person buried on the bottom right- that is Cameron! He is awesome! And this next picture down is of him.

There is Cameron again on top of a rock... and that's Dan on the left!One of the items on the picture scavenger hunt was to find the tallest Penn Stater and get a picture of him hitting his head on something. Well this guy was pretty average, but to be funny we put Dan Brown, my friend who is 6'6" next to him... Dan's on the left, and Penn State guy is the one hitting his head...
This is Cameron, Kelsey, and Me making NYU on the lawn!

This is Susan after our midnight leaf fight!

We had a GREAt time! I had so much fun getting to know people- there were 44 people! It was so great to get out of the city, focus on God, talk to friends, and just hang out and be silly!
Here are several of those people linked across the top of the hill, ready to roll down and say goodbye to Penn State Nav-style!
And they're rolling ( I did too but obviously I was taking the picture here!)
Here are Nicole, Josh, and Cameron walking towards the Ghetto Van. And let me just tell you- this thing's trunk has to be roped close, the driver's side and back seat passenger doors do not open from the outside, and it is missing several key components, including power steering, etc. So they are ghetto walking to their ghetto van, and we sang ghetto songs all the way home!

This is Josh climbing in to the van... hehe!

And now.... the ride home!

The ladies Nicole, Laura, and Brittney jammin' ghetto van style!

Uh, Josh.. you have something in your teeth...
And here are Ronald and I at out most important rest stop on the way home. He's actually quite terrifying when you get up close. I think the old one was much friendlier looking.So there you have it! As other people post their pictures from the trip I'll add more! But there you have it!