Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy Dance.

Well I have to say that once I did my happy dance (that is: you dance without music until you can stop taking yourself so seriously- until you can laugh at yourself and realize you're an idiot, but a God-created one, and it's not all about you) things really turned around. God reminded me to chill the freak out and just go with it.

Registration was a success. I have 16 credits and I'm trying to figure out how to pick up two more so I get my money's worth. The schedule won't be too bad. I still won't have class on Fridays, and I only have on night class, so that is EXCELLENT. And I did get the writing class I really wanted, so that is fantastic as well.

Voice lesson went well too. I had an accompanist play with me for the first time- it's always weird to hear the accompanyment, but I think it was good. It was frustrating in a lot of ways, but voice lessons always help to get me going, remind me how much I love singing and how BAD at it I am, but how much I love trying to get better. So hooray for that.

Next up is my class at the wine bar which should be pleasant despite the fact that I have only done about 6 pages out of 70 of the reading- which I don't intend to do: and here you have a glimpse of the only time I'm a bad student. And after that is the dreaded interview which is actually not that dreaded unless I show up in jeans and everyone else is wearing their Sterntastic suits, but that won't happen. And then I get to go to Navigators- hopefully I'll get to hear Peter talk, and then I'll find out a bit about Honduras. It's really looking up.

So yeah. Sorry that the last few posts were dramatic. I do feel that way, but I've got a grain of salt to smooth things out a bit. Thank you Jesus.


Kimber said...

How bad you are at it? You friggen make me sick dear. If you lived here, I would PAY you to be on the praise team, that is how good you are!