Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Poured.

Well it is humid here today, looks like it wants to rain. And my hair has dressed itself accordingly- I'm sporting that crazy scientist curly hair today- and folks let me just say that it has been a while since it has been this curly (and to be honest, this much like a fro). But I think it makes me feel more like an academic type- one of those crazies who is so vested in their pursuit of whatever it is they are after that they don't have time to brush their hair- and that's me today.

Also, my hands smell like Tequila. This morning in Beverages we tasted vodka, cachaca (like rum, but from Brazil- I had this while I was in Brazil, oh the memories), gin, and tequila. I poured the tequila for the class, and so after dribbling drops of the stuff over my fingers 16 seperate times I have now caused my fingers indentured tequila-hood. I've washed them several times, and you'd think I was soaking my hands in a nice blue agave extract or something, but no. It's just me and my inability to pour from a tequila bottle.

I had Italian class in the upstairs of a deli- my class of 14 (only 4 people didn't come, pretty impressive for an off-campus class) was crammed around two two person tables and a brick pillar- this strike has a crazy affect on life these days. But I'll take it. I've got to go down to soho to find some sleezy apartment where my next class is held... should be an adventure!

And how is YOUR day going?


Kimber said...

My day....well relatively slow considering I haven't met with a single person today. Not because I didn't schedule anyone, but because THEY AREN'T COMING! I don't get it. I am a little frustrated also that I can't get my blog to do what I want. It doesn't like to show the most recent blog that I just posted, and it is a good one too. HELP!!