Thursday, November 17, 2005

Decision Time.

Alright folks.

With a little over a week until the big day, let's get down to business: What are we wearing for the fam photo?

Here are the choices, based on previous comments. Cast your vote, then I'll send out an evite and we'll get the word out!

Choice A: White and Denim.

Choice B: Something from Old Navy.

Choice C: Warmer wintery colors: Like maybe red/cream, red/black, black/cream, green/white, black.silver, or whatever. If you choose this, choose a color combo.

Here are some links to give you some visual inspiration: Ooh. Ohh. Ahh.

Cast your vote in the comments- I want to send the evite tonight before midnight EST! And keep in mind that if we choose Old Navy we all have to actually go BUY stuff for ourselves, whereas if we do colors then anyone can show up and just wear the right colors!

Can't wait to see what ya'll think! I will also cast my vote a bit later today!

ALSO: Go Here if you want to see some really good photos, unrelated to this project.


melissa o said...

My vote is santa hats...

Or white shirts and jeans...

Kimber said...

I talked with Brit last night, and she said she would love to take the pics for us! She would be able to do them in the evening on Saturday night (we might have to do them inside if that is the case, since it will be dark outside), or on Sunday. Since she is the photo pro, she suggested that we DON'T wear white, for the plain fact that other colors are more slimming, for those of us that care about that minor detail. SO, with that, I would say that most of us probably have black shirts, so if we did jeans, a black lonf sleeve shirt, and Santa hats, that would be my vote.

melissa o said...

A lot of the guys might not have black shirt - I know mine doesn't - and I don't have one I would like to wear - so we'd both have to buy one.

Which is not a huge deal, but I am just saying...

Whatever everyone wants.

Anonymous said...

I am showing up in a big puffy wool sweater with snowflakes and christmas trees all over it. That and a smile is all I am wearing! PEACE