Thursday, November 03, 2005


I hereby recognize you as a great best friend.

Thank you for calling me today and just checking to make sure.
Thank you for always commenting on the blog.
Thank you for letting your phone float away for hours at a time to ensure my sanity.
Thank you for repeatedly letting me know you love me- it's silly, but sometimes I do need it.
Thank you for your foundational support in everything.
Thank you for understanding even the stupid stuff.
Thank you for not laughing when I know I'm being stupid.
Thank you for pointing out when I'm being stupid.
Thank you for sharing yourself with me so openly.
Thank you for letting me have a part of you.

That doesn't even come close. But thank you.


melissa o said...

You are so sweet.

AND you made me cry at work.

AH well, it's a Friday!