Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Girls and Boys.

Last night a friend came over and we discussed some things. One of such things, though tangential, was fairly interesting. Somehow we got on the subject of how men hav eno idea what women deal with in terms of physical pain- they're wusses, basically. They have no consequence to their reproductive systems, they really have NO idea what the ladies go through. And this person admitted that, but then claimed that men DO in fact have to deal with stuff.

After much probing he asserted that men have to "do" everything in a relationship (I'm actually pretty sure that I offered up that one). That was promptly shot down when we (me and Stac) retorted that women have to send all the signals and then WAIT for the guy to get the guts to make the move (which is much appreciated when it does happen).

After that my dear friend said "but women get stuff that men don't"... and we both laughed. "Like what?" We were both extremely curious. He pondered and his face twisted as he considered what he thought women had over men... "they have better clothes to choose from." Alright, ok... that stemmed from an earlier part of the conversation. Then came "they have.. well..." He stopped. "What do they have?" This would be good.

"Well... this could be bad... but, well, they get to have breasts."
As you can imagine this was met with riotous laughter. What an innocent and perfectly male answer. Hilarious.

So yeah. If you have any additions to my friend's argument, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Send signals my eye! You may think your sending signals but if the dude isnt pickin up what your puttin down then its all for not. Then its all the dude putting his neck out there. Besides some couples communicate better than others, its a compatibility thing.