Saturday, November 19, 2005

WAS a Real Good Night, and Day.

Last night I got to see the WAS in concert- fantastic. They get better and better. And folks, my brother has got some major moves.

Here's Elizabeth on the Subway- sorry I didn't get any band pics, didn't have my camera in hand during the show! :(
And another!

And here's a few of the two of us- everyone was staring it us on the subway, but whatever- they were all wishing they had cameras to take self portraits. The last one is us imitating a certain pop star's cool "fan face"--

Good times!

And now on to today!
I had Bible study today and then Staci and I went to FOAF. After that we were wandering back along 18th street, and what did we spy?
What's that, you ask?
Take a closer look...
Yeah. Those are soiled boxers and a pair of pants. They yours?

Anyway... so we shopped all day, had some good good times, and then this evening we went to the Old Town Bar for a burger and beer (well I had beer, Staci had coke) before we saw Pride and Prejudice. And I liked it, and you can't stop me.

All in all, despite my looming sense of drama, all is well. I'm holding it together for now.

Break is coming. Break is coming. Break is coming.