Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One Penny Can Help.

I can hear him from my room. Our windows are open, it's 8:43 in the morning, rainy and cold. And he's out there with the UHO preaching the help of "just one penny!"

It's going to be an absolutely insane day. But I'm looking forward to gettin' 'er done, and having a few laughs at myself, inevitably, along the way.

I'm wearing the Airborne shirt today.

I'm off in to it- hope you all have great days too!


melissa o said...

The big jerk will call you the end of your insane day. (Or close to it - at 5:00PM here)

Anonymous said...

AIRBORNE! Hooah! Gotta get another pic of that.

Kimber said...

Hey, it sounds like the guys coming into our building every day!!! ha ha ha, just kidding, I shouldn't joke about stuff like that, after all, some of them are my customers. Hey, I need some help with my blog, by the way. Maybe we can chat about that tomorrow?? Miss you, love you, BYE!