Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It Has Been A While.

I'm actually a fairly consistent cryer. That's not to say that I cry once a day at 4:30pm like Katie Holmes or anything, but I'm really not afriad to cry. If I get really really upset or I'm totally stressed sometimes a good round can get that stuff outta my system and then I move on. I think some people look at that as weakness or psychogirl behaviour, but to me it's pretty damn cathartic.

It's not like I'm walking down the streets of New York City with tears bursting from my eyes- no. It's something that happens at home, obviously. And it doesn't even happen every week.

I realized last night, as I was talking to you and you asked if I was going to and I said I was and it was ok, that I hadn't in quite some time. And thanks for letting me do that. I know you don't mind, you know how it goes. And I'm glad we could talk about all that stuff- thank you for asking the right question. You know? I think I really needed that, and I'm so glad we got to talk. I'm sorry I totally unloaded on you, but I think it really helped. No progress, really, but just feeling a little stronger, or something. And I reserve a hug from you on Saturday.

And with that... the day begins.