Thursday, November 03, 2005


Sciopero is a word I saw frequently while I was in Italy. It means strike, and if anyone knows how to excercise their write to strike, it's the Italians!

The graduate student union at NYU is no longer being recognized by the University (surprise). In order to get some attention they'll be striking. And my super awesome Italian teacher is a graduate student. This means that I may not have Italian for the rest of the semester and may have to eat the money that paid for my original credits in that class.

I mean, there's a good chance that the strike won't actually happen. And there's also a decent chance that it will, but it will only last a day, or a week. But there is also the chance that it will last the rest of the semester. And that my friends would suck. Cause I actually really really like my Italian class, and I like the professor, and I made it past the midterm madness and my brain is now thinking in Italian more and all that- it always takes getting over the midterm hump for me.

So yeah. Those crazy italians have spread their strike-hungry selves to the US. Either that or... NYU sucks.


melissa o said...

I heart you...

Just so you know.