Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Someone commented on my blog entitled "family photo". This person commented anonymously asking, "Why wasn't I included?"

I have no idea what you mean, monsieur anonymous.

First, I am sorry that you felt you had to comment anonymously. Second, I am not sure how it is that you have NOT been included since this is a public website and you can choose to or not to be included in the blog when you comment- as you did do. If there is another issue- perhaps the family photo itself?- at work here, then you should know that no such thing has happened yet, nor has invitation to such an event or occurance been announced except here on this very blog, and so there is, again, nothing from which you have been excluded.

Please show yourself anonymous, so that I might rectify your feelings of being ousted, and also put my weary mind to rest of turning over and over who it is that is feeling so anonymously uninvited.

Thank you,