Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Did I Buy?

Mmm... good books. Yep.

I bought the Auster, and then I bought some Kierkegaard and some Bonhoeffer because it has been too long since I've read any real good philosophy, and I've been wanting to read both these guys. I'm staring out easy, so let me get into them before ya go probing this jelly-like brain of mine.

I like thinking.

Who is your favorite philosopher? Weigh in! Oh-- and why? of course!

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Kimber said...

Due to the nature of my attraction to psychology at this time, I am going to have to say Sigmund Freud. Although most of his teachings have been disproven today, he sparked an interest with the Oedipus Complex that has brought me through the land of psychology classes and endless nights of writing for my 35 page paper during the midst of my senior year at good ol' Weber State University. Love You!!!!