Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Back... with a vengeance!

So yeah.

I made it back, got some sleep (more than I did any night I was home, for the record), and now I'm going to go full throttle at school for the next two weeks, and then baby, I'm done.

I have SO much to do, but it's all doable- do you know what I mean? Like, there's stuff I gotsta get done, and it's stressful, but not melt-downy "i hate my life" kind of stress. It's going to be crazy and potentially overwhelming, but good.

The one thing that is plaguing me is the whole "plan of concentration" thing... I have to write that paper about what the heck I'm doing here. It's hard because it isn't for a class er nuthing... it's for my advisor. So it's hard to budget time for that in the midst of everything else. But it's coo yo's, it's coo. But please do let me know if you know what I should do for my concentration, I'm open to suggestions! :)

So yeah, I'm home. The flight was good all things considered. I had the fastest cab ride home ever (the wonders of no traffic- a 30 minute success verses my hour and forty minute failure I pleasured last week!), and now things are comin' up roses here in the concrete city in terms of school. No italian tomorrow, pressure's off in terms of the voice lesson, my Bev class today was a quickie... it's good things happening here. So I'm glad. And I still have that kind of 'holycraptheressomuchtodoandnowaytodoitall' feeling, I can see the light at the end of the figurative and literal tunnel.

In the end all this is to say HOORAY! Thanks for the good times, all you who I got to see and enjoy this past week, and here's to some more on their way in just two and a half weeks!


Kimber said...

I'm so glad to hear that 1.your trip home was extremely satisfying for you and 2.that you already have had some good things happen to you since you have been home. And to think, you will be home again in only a few more weeks. We definitely need to go to lunch or something before I go to Seattle, just you an me sis. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I think your good people. Still here at Got Coffee listening to Patsy Cline. Wishin I had a mustache to twirl. I'll stop doing it, when you stop laughing.

Ashley said...

I love you claire-your so aweseom we need to keep up on our monday calls