Saturday, January 21, 2006

What A Stiff Drink Can Do.

So Staci and I decided to see that movie that none of you wanted to see. And since no one else on the planet wanted to see it either, it is only showing in two theaters in the city. One of them only offered two showtimes- 3:30pm and 8:50pm. The other offered a healthy array of times, so we settled on that one, and headed North to one of our least favorite places on earth.

The AMC 25 Times Square Theater is a nice one, but we had to make a dinner stop first. The longest leg of our trip was the 600 feet between the subway exit and the cheesy restaurant where we would find our pre-movie nourishment. We were reminded, only minutes after exiting the subway, how much we dislike and try to avoid the drooling beast that is Times Square. It was after the trek that a margarita was necessary, if not for the pleasure of a cold drink with spicey food, then for the calming effects on these shot-by-the-gang-that-is-Times-Square nerves (or maybe anger management?).

After receiving the unhappy news of a 25 minute wait, we decided that as the restaurant was only just across the street we would risk it. 2 minutes later we were seated, within 10 minutes I was sucking a frozen strawberry margarita, and just twenty minutes after that we had swallowed all the perfectly crafted fajita nachos they offered, and we ventured across the street. We elected to cross directly, forgoeing the less timely option of venturing to the street corner and utilizing the glowing crosswalks, the pedestrian's haven. Alas, no, we sprung across with ease and unseen agility, and a near miss from an on coming MTA bus cleared the Tequila induced fuzz I had only momentarily experienced.

After that we settled into our cozy seats in our personalized 58 person mini-theater for the reject movies, and enjoyed just under two hours of romantic comedy induced escapism.

It was a lovely day, filled with brunch, then hours and hours of homework- and without one accidental nap. As you can see, the evening was fantastic, and now it's time for a bit more homework before bed.


melissa o said...

What is this chick flick-y movie that I would not want to see?