Monday, January 30, 2006

Washboard Abs and Coke Can Laundry.


This morning I REALLY didn't want to go to the gym. Can I say again? REALLY. So i lay there in bed for an extra forty minutes, bargaining with myself about how if I get up I'll let myself do this and that and blah blah. So in the end the bargain was this: sleep in until 8:30, go kick some thundering thigh at the gym.

And kick I did!

I did that whole yogurt thing for breakfast, but then did 30 minutes of cardio, legs in the weight room, and then abs, pushups, and stretching... and in the last few situps I just got to that place where I wanted to puke... does that ever happen to you guys? I need to think of something good to eat before I go to the gym.

But here's the laugh=inducer of the day: I saw my friend Martha at the gym and we chatted for a minute about when we come, all that. She said she comes 5 times a week, and I was mui impressed, so I say so. Then she says, "yeah, but you've got washboard abs, so it's ok." And I was like WHAAA? So I say, "Oh, hehe, YEAH, no." And then she looks at the ol' spare tire, then back up at me, and says "yeah, you do. It's good!" Umm... ok. That was just like the best thing you could say to a girl! Cause honestly guys THESEare NOT my abs! It was really so sweet of her to say though, and in some ways motivated to one day make that true!

So moving on... I get home, ladidah, and it's time to do laundry! So I go down and get three loads started.. yeah, it was more than the usual week, alright? I went from a Thursday to a Monday laundry schedule, so there was some adjusting. And I did sheets, so whatever. So then when I go to dry my loads I realize I ain't got no monies. So I try to put more cash on my Campus Cash account (which is my student ID that has money on it, and I can swipe it and it pays for my laundry or whatever, without using quarters, which I didn't have...) but the machine won't accept bills. SO I got next door to change a few $1 and she (the girl who works at Toastie's, my neighborhood sandwhichery) says she only has enough to change ONE. So.. fine, four quarters later, I'm asking the security guard at my building if he's got change for a $1, and no, of course he doesn't. Then Chastity, the girl that now works at the front desk (replaced Kathy, potentially her husbind's cousin?) suggests that I insert my dollar into the Pepsi machine and then press the change thing.... BRILLIANT! AND.. it worked! SO BRILLIANT!

I just had to share that with all of you, beecause it was so dang useful to me today!

So there are my stories thus far today! And more to come, I am sure!


melissa o said...

You are my inspiration for the workout lady. I only wish to be as dedicated as you...

Just you wait for the sweaty Melissa picture tonight.

I LOVE you. And I LOVED our conversation last night.

Kimber said...

Yeah, yeah, and mine too dangit. We are gonna hip hop it up in herrrr. Boo ya.