Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Love Does Not Exist.

Equality does not exist. Justice does not exist. God does not exist, Freedome does not exist. Kindness does not exist. Peace does not exist. Hope does not exist.

Men say I love you for one reason. To get into a girl's pants. They look her in the eye, and when they want to say "I want to have sex with you," they say "I love you." They have to seem sincere so that the woman, who does not deal in the same ways as the man, will think she feels something, and consequently sleep with him.

When a man says he loves a woman, he means he loves her body. Her legs, her breasts, her neck. Her eyes, her smile, her lips. He doesn't LOVE here, he LUSTS her. But he'll say he loves her just as along as he wants.

You can't prove the existence of love. It is not visible. What does it even MEAN to say that you LOVE someone? It means you WANT them, you want to feel them against you, you want to call them your own. You have 'love' so that you have sex with justification.


All that is above is the opinion of one of my professors. It was an interesting night last night at class. Since, as you may guess, I staunchly disagree with his statements, I wanted to put this up and out there and see how you all react. Don't focus on the 'God does not exist' to which I'm sure most of you most violently reacted, but instead focus on love. What does LOVE mean. And in your explanation you can't word the use you're trying to define- so you can't say "when you love someone, you really love being WITH them, and you love who they ARE"- still, what is LOVE, is it a verb? A feeling? A mood? A drive? An innate force?

I have my opinion and I'm happy to share it, but it sparked an interesting little flame of thought in me and so I hope it does the same for you. Does love exist? Oh really, how?

Here, from today's writing class, are some other thoughts on love by another professor of mine.***

Love is a new idea. It is only 100 years old. Arranged marriages had nothng to do with love. People did not choose their lives based on a feeling, based on love. Love is something we've created to make ourselves feel more valuable.
Bring it on!


melissa o said...

I have a really hard time with this way of thinking.

So if love does not exist, do you not love your children?

Love to me is not an emotion, it's so much more. Sure the emtions that love cause can be blinding, can be confusing, can be absolutely terrifying and exhilarating and entirely wonderful.

But love is a decision made. And you know - if he doesn't want to make that decision fine. That's his lonely life.

But as for me Love is a very real thing in my life. And maybe because of what love is, it's not so black and white.

But the LOVE of GOD is undeniable. (Unless you don't believe in Love and GOD...)

Kimber said...

I have to agree with Mel on the God deal.
Because I do believe that love is a choice. That God is love, so if God is love, and He loves us, does that mean that He just says that to get in our pants????

Beth said...

I react violently to the notion that love is a new fad of some sort. I suppose we could say that marrying for love is only 100 years old, but I kind of doubt that's true as well. I'm sure that people both loved and married for love long before the 1900's.

As for the definition, love is a proactive decision to support and take care of another person. It means that you guard their life, their feelings and their sense of self as jealously as you do your own. You desire what is best for them although you may not know what that is or be able to give it to them. You grieve when they grieve, you rejoice when they rejoice, you struggle with them through difficult times when you can't see the end of the fight up ahead because you care about them and yourself equally. You live life with them. You share life with them.

Even still, I'm not sure if love is the actual doing of all those things, or if it's the decision to do them, or if it's the motivation behind them. I think it may be all of the above.