Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pictorial: Ballet = Coolness.

So last Saturday I went to the Ballet at Lincoln Center with Kristine, Josh, and Staci.
We saw three small ballets, and they were SO wonderful!
I really enjoyed it, and I hope we go back soon!

The Lincoln Center... part of it anyway. This place is gorgeous, and these pictures don't do it justice at all.. but props to Stac for trying! I stole these pics from her, so thanks friend!
Here's another one. Again... you just have to see it....
Here we are before the big event- how cute! Please excuse my giant-sized thighs... they are accentuated by the fab gray pants... hopefully they looked better in person (we'll say...). But notice how Stac and I inversly complement eachother! YES!
This one is blurry, but oh well, eh? That's Kristine on the right- I'm not sure if she's ever been on the ol' blog in pictorial form!
Well... we ended up at the Cafe Panevino that is at the Lincoln Center. Unsurprisingly it was pretty expensive- so we thought we'de all split some pasta dishes... until we read the $20 dollar minimum! Woops! So we each spent like 25 bucks that night on dinner.. which normally wouldn't be TOO bad, but we were so proud of ourselves for being thrifty with our $12 (intead of $30) tickets!
Kristine and Me, at the ol' Cafe... hurrah!

All in all it was a great time at the ballet, and we're going to try for the oprah this weekend!
Go to the Lincoln Center's website!


melissa o said...


Your HUGE thighs?


Kimber said...

Um, yeah.....if you are a size FOUR, then there is no such thing as huge thighs. Period.
Try being a size ten AND having saddle bags run in your family.
Yeah, no comment, that's what I thought. Suckkka.

Anonymous said...

you look FINE. Cool top, too. (wink)

Beth said...

Aww. I miss you and Josh. Sigh...