Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday, Yep.

I think my subjects have really sucked as of late (or always?) and I do apologize.

I'm eating Teter family chilli from my cappuccino mug that a certain tall dark and handsome gave me (originally containing flowers), and it's rainy out. I have to get to class soon but thought I'd stop by for a moment to say... uh.. hello!

I have my Public Service class today, so that should be interesting. And Navs tonight- hooray! I'm excited! It'll be great to get back to it! At this point I'm not going to Honduras, though as JOsh said, never say never, and so we'll see. But I will probably buy my ticket home in the next few days barring any unforseen persuasion in the next 12 hours. :) I think I'll need the mental recoup time in March. I feel like I may already need it! Hah! Just kidding. So far it has been fine, but we'll see when I have all four syllabi/uses and have my true workload and WORK load going on.

The working out is helping. I think my body is just HAPPIER, even after 2 days. I know, it seems silly to say, but it really is just pleased as punch I've decided to get off my lazy bum. And who can blame it?

Well ALRIGHT already! I'll go to class! JEEZ! Comment. Leave me some love. What happened to the good ol' days! Also.. .do you have a burning question you'd like to see posted on the blog. A topic you'd like me to discuss perhaps? Anything, dahhlings, anything!


Ashley said...

I agree, I have been working out for the past week and feel ten times better.

melissa o said...

YOU KNOW what I want to hear about...but I KNOW it will cause huge controversy...

Hah. Just kidding.

I want to see more pictures of your apartment, of your adventures...

THAT is what I want to see!

Kimber said...

I personally like having a sense of structure, that is one of the many reasons why I, too, enjoy school.
And one note....If I am going to comment on your blogs, I better see more commenting on mine, I posted 2 thus fat in the new year and got nothin! he he he Love You!