Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday.

This is my 300th post, and my excitement for this post is just bursting:

Exhibit A- my excitement about this post in a photo- this is the photo challenge post instigated by Mel's blog.

How I feel about going back to school.

But there's always something to look forward to... like President's Day!

But then there's homework....

But there's reason to forget about that...

The ability to wink with both eyes.... (not everyone can do that, talk to Kelli)...

So today has been pretty good. Church was awesome.

I have training for my job tomorrow... NYU Ambassador, here I come!

I miss all you folks back home, here's a wet one for ya!

It's freezing here, PS...

Have a good night everyone!


melissa o said...


I love it.

You are the most beautiful!

I am so excited for your call.

Anonymous said...


I Love it!

You are the most beautiful!

I am so excited to see you in less than a month!!

Kimber said...

I am going home after practice to do this tonight!

Ashley said...

Beautiful , I will do this soon, I promise. I have the rest of the day off today and then the day off tomorrow so it will happen!