Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guessing Game.

Here's a fun game.

This is me, and my fridge.... (that is, the community fridge of the apartment, of course!)

Your challenge is, from these pictures, to tell me what in these pictures is mine. And I'd also like you to guess what is Staci's. I can't really expect to see you guys quess what is Kristine's and Javaria's, but do your best with me and Staci. Leave your response in my comments! Good luck! Oh- and winner with the most correct answers gets lunch for free on me!

[scoring as follows: +1 for correct item, -1 for incorrect item]


melissa o said...

I can't see it, but I KNOW it's got to be there somewhere.


I KNOW you and most of last summer you and I gourged ourselves on cheese.

melissa o said...

You are harsh (minus points? Oh geez)- hold on. I gotta open it up in another window...

1. The yogurt has to be yours. (The Yoplait ones.)
2. Aswellas the Bumble and Bumble (I think) butter spread (Mom, please pass the real butter.)
3. The Cokers?
4. The Italiano dressing?
5. Eggs. Atleast one carton.

I may guess more tomorrow - I'm gonna need to sleep on it.

melissa o said...

Also, balso.

Milk. You have to have milker.

I promise now I go to sleep my answers

Anonymous said...

Claire: eggs, Italian dressing, cheddar cheese, pasta sauce, milk and I'm gonna bum off of Mel and go with the yogurt.

Staci: canned fruit, coke, apple juice, fruit punch

Kimber said...

Brummel and Brown butter
Yoplait yougurt
Italian Dressing
The milk in the door
is that an apple in the plastic bag? I think that would be yours
the regulaer Coke
At least one carton of the Tropicana orange juice
Daisy sour cream
looks like some sort of raspberry vinagarette in the door next to the green and white carton, I think that is yours too
is there Ragu pasta sauce in there? That might be yours.
That's all I got. Peace out friend

Anonymous said...

The cokes are for sure not yours.

That nasty yogurt wannabe butter stuff.... yours.
The Frenchs yellow nasty mustard...yours.
The 1 gallon of Ranch Dressing....yours.
The assorted nasty yogurt.....yours.
Bakers dozen of "ragin cajun" hot sausages.....yours.
The giant size thing of Miracle Whip.....all you.
Leftover chili......yours.
Half Eaten peanut butter and honey sandwich......Jesse's (dont ask me how)
I will take you up on that free lunch on Feb 16!

Kimber said...

Questions about the last post...
1.Where is the mustard?
2.And the ranch dressing?
3.And the hot sausages?
4.AND the peanut butter and honey sandwich?

Am I completely blind? I didn't even know the label said "miracle whip"

jules said...

okay, while im sure i sound like i am copying most now, i have carefully looked at the pictures. nonetheless i think i may be very incorrect, i am second guessing everything i thought i knew about you Claire!!!
Claire: salsa, apple juice, one of the milks, coke, eggs in clear carton, hellman's light, the cheese of course, the pita bread things that are in the back of the second shelf, the apple, and the fruit that is under the tupperware, the brummel and brown or whatever, the dressing that is on the door, and the spaghetti sauce on the door.
im sure i guessed way too many things to be yours, but what can you do.

staci: some of the diet drinks, one of the milks, the big carton of fruit juice, the stuff in tupperware, and what the heck, the pickels maybe? o and ill give her the land o lakes butter also.

Anonymous said...

Its just jokes. trying to be funny on the blog