Friday, January 20, 2006

Last Call.

Alright folks.

I just got back from work and am pleased to see that most of you have put in your 2 cents, barring Matthew's which were more like 14 cents, and completely fabricated, so of course he'll be the big loser. Fear not Kimber, there is no ranch, no Miracle Whip, and there is sausage, but it's in a drawer, and he just got really lucky with that one. Staci has vowed silence.

SO... the last call for the game is now- at the end of the day today I'll talley things up- that will give me a score, and you'll see which of you can guess my grocery-at-school habits (which may or may not be extremely different from my at-home habits, of course).

Good luck!

PS> End of the day means 12:00am EST, that's 10:00pm Utah time, and of course, for our negligent Californian, 9pm.


melissa o said...

Dude. Your boy toy is a total liar...

How do you feel 'bout THAT.

Anonymous said...

It was a bit inside, I know.