Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hit That Spot.

Which actually sounds kind of dirty, left to itself. But here... is the explanation!

SO... I had Italian, but I ate a late breakfast (slept in a bit, then showered, then did laundry, then had breakfast) and so I wasn't ready to have lunch at noon. SO I didn't eat. So I have my italian class 12:30-1:45, then I have to be at the office at 2:00, which is about 5 minute walk, but then a four story climb up, so it's good to have at least 10 minutes of travel time. So, I didn't have lunch.

Work went well. I was in the file room doing work with wanna be Fall 2006 NYU freshmen applications (which I'll blog about later, most likely) and then I was answering phones and talking to people about the school. And then it was 5:00 and I was free. And it had been more than 7 hours since I had eaten!

So I get home and I keep thinking "I'll wait a while until I eat", but then I realize that yeah, there are some people in this world who eat before 7, so why not let those people be ME tonight, and so I make myself a Turkey Burger with Cheddar Cheese on a Potato Roll with Ketchup (thank you George Foreman). And OH BABY, it hit the spot!

Some salad and turkey burger excellence later, and I'm sitting pretty, ready to do some super homework before I watch my first ever episode of Dancing with the Stars!

More later!

PS> So, not to brag or anything. But I'm pretty sure that was the best Turkey Burger ever. Thanks to Staci for her wisdom on the matter. You'll just have to try it sometime....


melissa o said...

I am super excited for the entry about the wanna-bes.

And also - George Forman a yes? Really?

Matts and I were thinking about one for burgers and such...

I loves the Kitty-Claire.