Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not So Bad.

Well work was not so bad. I really didn't have a bad time, and it's kind of nice that I just made 40 bucks- that's more than I made in any pay period last semester. Good start!

I forgot to do the reading for my homework, though, and that is a bummer, but oh well. I got one of the three articles I have to read done, and then I started the second one, and so oh well. I actually had to do about 2 hours of real work, and then the security guard was a real chatty mcchatterton, which was kind of fun, so I wouldn't have gotten much read anyway.

Well I hope you all own your copy of We Are Scientists's CD- just cause your family and friends doesn't get you off the hook- if anything it means you should buy 2! And if you really don't want the hardcopy, for heaven's sakes just go online and get it!

Alright all, I'm off to read a bit, veg a bit, and then hit the sackey!