Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pictorial: Random.

Well hello!

Here are the photos that I just got off of my camera! I also will tell you that at some point I'm going to put up pictures from New year's (I know, I know, a month later...) but for now here is a smattering of pictures for your pleasure (ps- great work, smattering).

This is me and Staci this weekend- when we were at the movie theatre actually.
Clearly not one of our best pictures...

This is how Staci feels about all the reading we did this weekend.

And this is how I feel about it. There's the beast of a book I spent countless hours with this weekend, and my pink highlighter that accompanies it.

This is me and my super cool, coolest thing I've ever gotten from NYU, wannabe Nalgene! YES! It's for my ambassadors job, and just in case I forget where I got it, it says NYU Ambassadors.
Here's me, post workout (as above, you may have noted the nasty appearance... such is the cause), pleased with how handy that water bottle is!

This is me looking crazy and mannish at Arthur's store, where I got my notebooks for school. Look at that selection... just gorgeous! This is just after Elizabeth and I saw ol' Bobby Deniro!

And here is the sweetest of the sweet. My little Dash baby (who is, officially, my god-son! Cool!). So adorable. You can't even handle it, can you? Neither can i!

And there you have my brief and odd pictorial update. But at least now you know what a nasty I look like post sweat fest! Until later!


Anonymous said...

Totally adorable!.....of course I was talking about Dash

Kimber said...

Both of you are so cute!

melissa o said...

You are so freaking HOTT.


Maybe - we should do a post work out picture everytime we work out, just so we can keep each other accoutable on working out?