Saturday, January 21, 2006

And the Winner Is....


Claire: eggs +1
Italian dressing -1
cheddar cheese +1
pasta sauce -1
milk +1
I'm gonna bum off of Mel and go with the yogurt +1, even though you're a copier.

Staci: canned fruit, coke, apple juice, fruit punch >The canned fruit, apple juice and fruit punch are Kristine's, the coke is Javaria's: -4

Josh's total: -2

Josh wins the award for the shortest list with the best basic answers, though the guesses for staci were really good, none of them were hers! :)

The cokes are for sure not yours: how right you are! But I can't give you points for a negative answer! Sorry!
That nasty yogurt wannabe butter stuff.... yours +1
The Frenchs yellow nasty mustard...yours +1 (not seen, but it is there!!!)
The 1 gallon of Ranch Dressing....yours -1 (no psycho, no ranch in that fridge!)
The assorted nasty yogurt.....yours -1 (nope, not that yogurt!)
Bakers dozen of "ragin cajun" hot sausages.....yours +1 (No ragin cajuns for this girl, but I do have sausage in the lower right hand drawer!!)
The giant size thing of Miracle Whip -1 (nope)
Leftover chili +1 (in the freezer actually, but this can fall under the category of knowing it;s there)
Half Eaten peanut butter and honey sandwich......Jesse's (dont ask me how) -1 (yeah, no- though I do like your creativity!)
I will take you up on that free lunch on Feb 16! ---how presumptuous of you! But since you'll be the first person I see besides Josh, I guess I can do that!
Matthew's total: 0

Matt wins the award for most guesses for things that aren't actually there!
Brummel and Brown butter +1
Yoplait yougurt +1
Italian Dressing -1
The milk in the door +1.5 (I'm giving an extra half point for being specific!)
eggs +1
is that an apple in the plastic bag? I think that would be yours -1 (actually no! But a good guess!)
the regulaer Coke -1 (TRYING to be healthy, but good guess!)
At least one carton of the Tropicana orange juice -1 (no, no juice for me :()
Daisy sour cream +1.5
looks like some sort of raspberry vinagarette in the door next to the green and white carton +1.5 (EXCELLENT GUESS! It's actually just plane ol' balsamic vinaigrette, but GREAT GREAT guess).
is there Ragu pasta sauce in there -1 (no, but I should probably get some, eh?)
Kimber's total: 2.5!

Kimber wins the award for most specific answers!!!

1. The yogurt has to be yours. (The Yoplait ones.) +1.5 (first one to say the Yoplait ones, extra .5!!!)
2. Aswellas the Bumble and Bumble (I think) butter spread (Mom, please pass the real butter.) +1
3. The Cokers? -1 (no! trying to be healthier!! Off the sauce, as matt would say!)
4. The Italiano dressing? -1, no, sadly.
5. Eggs. Atleast one carton. +1
I can't see it, but I KNOW it's got to be there somewhere.Cheese +1 (I have 4 kinds of cheese in the fridge right now! heh!)
Milk. You have to have milker +1 (OH so true!)

Mels' total: 3.5

Mel gets the highest score!

salsa +1
apple juice -1
one of the milks +1
coke -1
eggs in clear carton +1.5 (how did you know!! I love it!)
hellman's light +1
the cheese of course +1
the pita bread things that are in the back of the second shelf -1 (actually this is a really OLD pancake that Kristine made.. BEFORE the break! EW!! I should really throw that away! heeh! Good eye though!)
the apple -1
fruit that is under the tupperware +1 (It's actually not fruit, it's oatmeal cookie batter, if you're talking about the blue tupperware on the bottom shelf with the blue lid- if this isn't the one you're tlakig about, let me know!)
the brummel and brown or whatever +1
the dressing that is on the door +1
the spaghetti sauce on the door -1

staci: some of the diet drinks -1 (Staci ain't no foo!)
one of the milks +1
the big carton of fruit juice -1,
the stuff in tupperware +1 (if you mean the green brussels sprouts in the tupperwear on the 2nd shelf...)
and what the heck, the pickels maybe -1 (though she does like the pickles!)
o and ill give her the land o lakes butter also -1 (that's mine, baking purposes...)

Julie's total: 1.5

Julie wins the award for MOST guesses- and for REALLY looking at the picture to find stuff! So you can have lunch too, next time I see ya!

So the official winner is Mel, but how about I just take you ALL out to lunch for putting up this LAME game!! THanks, it was fun to see what you guys think I eat! :*


melissa o said...

That's right biotches....


Love you!

Kimber said...

Hey, I was close, and I got some extra points even for specific name titles! ;)

Anonymous said...

It was fixed!