Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today has been nice!

I got up lazily and got all showered and clean. I had a good bible study time, and then went out with Ian, Elizabeth, and Dash for about an hour while Ian ran errands. Pick up a copy of this week's People to see the latest review of the WAS album! :)

Staci and I went to brunch this afternoon, then I came back to tackle more homework. I say tackle because I am not watching any football, but experiencing the giant that is my "Civic Engagement in American Democracy" book. Now I am off to church uptown, and then I'll be back for more homework, some dinner, and then some TV if time agrees.

Goodbye to Ian. It was great to see you, Chris, I mean, and I love you very much! I am proud of you, and not just about the band! You are missed!


melissa o said...

So - is he Chris now? I'm not sure if I could gte used to calling him that...

Maybe only on special occasions?

I miss my Claire Claire!

Ashley said...

we really do need a phone date. Sorry I missed out on your fun game, I haven't been on the internet in forever.