Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm having one of those...


One of those "gosh, maybe I'll just sit here" days. One of those "I got up too late" days. One of those "I miss you til it hurts" days.

It's gloomy here, and I haven't eaten and it's 1:54pm. And I keep thinking "maybe I won't eat" but then I know that'll just make it worse.

I am really dreading school. I'm realizing it is going to be SUCH a crazy semester. I just hope my classes are good- I hope I can enjoy them rather than feel like I'm laboring through homework and lectures and everything.

I don't want to live piece by piece- I want to enjoy this semester, even if it is far from you. And I'm sure that I will, I really do think I will... but right now, all alone in this dimmed room with the world dripping around me, it's hard to see the fun. Oh yeah, and a 5 hour work shift at a freshman dorm.. ahh! Oh well. I'm sure it'll get better. It just feels so gray.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry be happy! I am coming soon. Although it now looks like I am coming Monday instead of Sunday. BUt regardless. Pretty soon you won't be alone. And I think we should travel this semester. Like to Boston. And hopefully you and josh can come have seder at my house this year. (hopefully i can have seder at my house this year). I love you! Cheer up! Uhh. Watch some football! Today we are cheering for the Seahawks! Boo! Redskins boo! Alright, this was a retarded attempt at putting off packing for yet another wasted hour of the day. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!