Friday, January 20, 2006


To the guessing game challenge takers:

you may also list things that you THINK are in there that you may not see, or that you can't identify but think they are specific things.

And hey, don't cheat off of other people's answers! heh!

[some of you are surprisingly close, and others suprisingly wrong... you may end up being surprised...]



Anonymous said...

Dont anyone even bother, its already a done deal. Staci gave me all the answers. Thanks Staci!

Kimber said...

You are right, I am probably all wrong about all my answerrs, but hey, at least I am trying to pretend that I know anything about what you eat.
Oh, and don't you leave all your condiments in the cupboard?

P.S. you boyfriend is a cheater, and therefore I think he should be disqualified from the game, assuming that he was serious about his post.

melissa o said...

I second Kim's motion.

Done deal. Matthew is cut off.

(I'm thinking he really DIDN'T call Stac?)

I am in suspense!

Anonymous said...

again, just jokes trying to be funny on the blog