Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I love surprises! What can I say?

But let me explain to you that this is nothing knew- all of my life I have loved being surprised!

Some would say that surprises can lead to expectations that exceep possibility, or a feeeling of boredom any time one is not being surprised. I strongly disagree. I think being surprised is something that is best left for when there is no expectation! I love surprise birthdays- and thank you to those of you who made my party in Utah possible!- but I think that surprises when you very least expect it are the most wonderful!

This, my friends, is why I love mail! Because every time I go to the mailbox I may or may not find a letter awaiting me. In this case I may fully expect to find the contents be empty, and then be completely and pleasantly surprised by the presence of a friendly Hallmark handshake! The surprise is that someone thought of me- someone took the time to write a thought or note on a piece of paper or card and send it out, enduring the trouble of addressing and stamping and then actually SENDING the card. It's just so wonderful!

I suppose that sounds fairly aweful considering the fact that I like being surprised by people thinking of me.. me me me... but please admit that this is why "snail mail"
so attractive. I can also fairly say that I love sending mail equally as much as receiving it... know that the person who receives it might feel the same way I do.

I think being surprised is one of those times when you are genuinely excited without that feeling being premeditated. It's just so FUN! I feel like that's something that can keep relationships alive- surprising friends and family is the best.

This one was all over the place, but now you know how I feel about being surprised! Not that, if you know me, you didn't already know that! :)