Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today was a good one.

I spent the first 4 hours with friends from Navigators- learning, being challenged, listening. Pretty great.
I had Italian- it went by fast, and we reviewed a hard tense that I think I'm on the verge of understanding.
I came home and did some homework and ate some lunch, and then laid down to take a nap on my super comfortable bed with my super soft blue blanky that my sweet sweet friends sent me!
15 minutes later I awoke to the sound of jazz trumpet drizzling in through my windows- floating is a better word. I lay there with my eyes closed just savouring how simple life is- and realizing that there are few things I love more than being awakened to the sounds of the city (just as long as it's not at 4am....).

Cheers to my buddy in the park playin' it with soul.