Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Love My Friends.

I'm not sure that I can convey the shear joy and delight that opening my mailbox and discovering that it contains something can cause. I have been pleased to receive a lot of mail from one quite dedicated writer, and to him I owe the greatest of thanks. Today I received another letter from this man. I also received a letter from a girlfriend of mine. And best of all... after pulling out the two letters, I grasped in my hand not another letter, though I love them... but a package slip.

I was, in a word, beaming as I walked from my mailbox, gazing at the two letters and holding back my giggles of pleasure at the package slip. From "K. Merrill"- well this happens to be one of my very best friends... what could it be?

I waited in agony as the woman retrieved my package from the room, all the while supressing the desire to do it myself- afterall I am quite a skilled package-picker-upper! As the woman, Priscilla, rounded the corner I saw it- a delectable square Ready Post package... ohh the thrill!

I calmly endured the elevator ride to my floor (despite it's stall between floors 1 and 2 and its return to the Lobby before FINALLY getting up the courage to travel the full distance... I can't say I wasn't frightened!) and set the package and letters down on the bed. I set down my school stuff, woke up my computer.. blah blah... checked my e-mail... and then I gathered the paper hugs to myself. Where to start? Well... the best for last, so the letters go first! I savoured each letter, each word. Oh goodness, I love mail!

And then the package- a birthday present from three of my very best friends... THANK YOU LADIES! The contents was beautiful- they do know me so well! Something soft and dark blue... what more could I want? So now, even as I sit and type, the gift is being cuddled while I relay my pleasures!

I absolutely love mail. I think that is why I really like my birthday- cause people kind of feel obligated to send you mail! It's a brilliant thing!

But WHY do I like mail? Because I LOVE surprises. But that is another blog.