Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It Takes a Few Days.

It always takes me a few days to normalize when I get back from Utah. I always miss it when I get back here, and I find myself longing for it. I think I'm usually pretty needy for home the first few days back... I immediately start looking forward to the next time I'll be there, and I can't stop thinking about what it was like just hours, days ago when I was there most recently.

There's nothing wrong with that I suppose. It's understandable... you have a place that you love that holds people you love and you get to go back and be in that place with those people... and then you leave again. And even though you might be going to a place that you care for, it's still not home. HOME.

So today I'm eating comfort food. I am on my break between classes, the day has gone fine. Another Tuesday out of the way, almost. And my grilled cheese and tomato soup are helping heal that little ache... but in a weird way it makes me miss you more.

October already though- can you believe it? Not even the beginning now, we're in week 2! And you all know what that means... (sparkle entering eye...) the birthday approaches. I have already celebrated it enough to last me the year, and it is still a week away! :)

So I guess there you have it. My report is this: GREAT weekend at home. New developments, old friends, good games, heart-stoppers. I'll take it all. And see you in November.

This was a weird one... working on redeye sleep here, so cut me some slack, yeah?

Oh... and if you read this and miss me too, you should e-mail me. Or call. Or comment. Or text. Or write.
See what I mean about needy? Man!


Anonymous said...

The fine art of making the worlds greatest grilled cheese is not an easy task. Many years and many burnt sandwiches may pass, but one day you too may earn a Golden Spacula, as I have.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you!-hope you had a great time in Utah- wish I coudl have been there I definitely know what you mean by HOME