Saturday, October 22, 2005

More photos.

Here are some more pictures of the great birthday of 2005! The spacing is weird cause I have experienced some technical difficulties, but hopefully you can still get the point!

Wow... excitement!

Here we are! Joanna, Claire, and Josh.

Joanna, Claire, Josh, and Dan- aww!

Yeah... I dunno.

Me feeding Joanna some McSorley's dark!

Ahh, Close Up!

This is me getting ready to fake throw up, and Joanna fearing that I will... oh no! Look at how real-life it looks, look at the sweat and blood dripping from my brow, you can just tell I'm about to lose it!

And here's more excitement from yours truly!

Dan expressing himself.


And... still excited.

I got a halo for my birthday!

Hooray! Here we are in front of McSorley's!

Great night, so fun! And there you have it!